The Best Grilled Chicken

Chili Chicken Restaurant in Panchkula

The traditional grilled chicken, most usually known as “chicken inasal” has left a bequest of being one of the best delicacies that the nation can proffer. Multitudes of people from here and overseas have attested to the exclusive taste of this genuine dish. But precisely what makes it the best-grilled chicken from the Chili Chicken Restaurant in Panchkula? The answer lies in the careful preparation and the accurate proportions of the ingredients of its preserve that complements the fowl. The marinate consists of soy sauce, calamondin (calamansi), salt, sugar, finely chopped garlic, achuete oil, lemon grass and coconut vinegar (tuba). The chicken is sliced and alienated into breasts with wings and legs with thighs and then soaked in the marinate during the night. The marinated meat is skewered into thick bamboo sticks and grilled on top of red hot coal. The marinate is not redundant but brushed into the chicken whilst it is grilled leaving the discrete taste of the constituents on the surface.

Presentation is also necessary to complete the best-grilled chicken in town. The chicken inasal, fresh from the grill, is served on a plate with banana leaves that give its representation a Filipino touch. It comes with freshly cooked simple rice with finely chopped fried garlic on top. In some restaurants, the rice is enclosed with pandan leaves and when opened and consumed provides a delicious aroma and a refreshing taste to the rice. Eating grilled chicken is also not inclusive without putting ahuete oil on the rice and dipping the chicken in chilli spiked vinegar and soy sauce. One dining habit in grilled chicken restaurants that foreigners frequently find odd is that some locals make use of their nude hands whilst eating the fresh grilled chicken. It is said that eating with nude hands enriches the eating experience. That is why washing hands prior to eating is a must if you want to try this. There are a lot of versions of the said dish through the country. But according to lots of people, the grilled chicken has a discrete taste that sets it apart from the others. A trip to Panchkula will never be complete if one did not taste this city’s specialty. There is a Chilli Chicken Restaurant in Panchkula that offers good quality chicken inasal that will please your cravings for grilled chicken and put your food experience to the next level.

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