Dine in the Best Restaurants in Panchkula

Chicken Roll Restaurant In Panchkula

New-quay-holidays are days of pleasing, mouth watering dishes with a reasonably priced cost. By staying at foremost holiday cottages, you can dine in the top restaurants in Panchkula. The exotic dishes and extraordinary cuisine draw visitors far and wide.

Bringing your family for the Newquay holidays would let them to meet people with a diverse culture. Aside from the excellent atmosphere of the holiday cottages, there are many alien restaurants that you can dine in to gratify your appetite.


Chicken Roll Restaurant In Panchkula 


The name itself denotes a foreign persuade. If you happen to be there throughout your Newquay holidays, then do not vacillate to dine in the palace. This restaurant offers dishes with discrete Indian and Nepalese condiments like garlic, cumin, ginger and many more.

They have tandoori chicken, rice, flavoured vegetables and many flavours for your eating delight. The characteristic spicy taste and delicious dishes have won the bistro awards for their well-organized service and delicious dishes.

Dining in this restaurant will let you to find out about the food pleasures of Nepal and India. After your lavish meal, you can stay at the said holiday cottages.


Yellow chilli Restaurant 

Another great restaurant is the Yellow chilli. If you are a seafood fan, then this is the best place to be. You would get delighted by their Cornish lamb kidneys and panna cotta. There are still more than a few seafood specialties obtainable from this restaurant.

All you have to do is choose from their compilation of spicy and foreign dishes. The desserts are evenly mouth-watering as well.

Desserts are sweet in a fit type of way. You can be thrust by this diner and relish their dishes all through your Newquay holidays. Do not recall staying at the said holiday cottages for prime soothe? The whole experience would be valued for the trip and money.

The restaurant also offers worldwide cuisine with their fish, meat and lobster dishes. Reservations are necessary for large groups because of the fame of the place with tourists and locals.

The friendly staff will make your stay cheerful and fun. The food is outstanding, the staff members are responsive and helpful, the dessert is good, and the environment par excellent. 

When you experience the pleasing and tongue-satiating dishes at these restaurants, then you have would have visited many places including India and Nepal. Don’t miss this magnificent experience.

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