Biryani – A Taste of Aristocracy

Chicken Biryani Restaurant in Panchkula

Sometimes it’s oily and sometimes it’s dry. But it’s always highly spiced. It’s a dish full of long-grain rice that will not stick mutually and holds a moist piece of meat in it. It’s pleasingly pungent, but not too pointed. The lovely scent of spice and the pleasant sight of the dish bring water to your mouth.

 And when you tang it, the slight flavor and taste of the spices mildly and pleasingly come through. It’s well-cooked, full of flavor, and delicious.

And once you start eating, you will end up cleaning your plate to the last grain of rice. That is a plate of tasty Biryani placed in front of you. Biryani is perhaps the most well-liked rice based dish in the world that is obtainable in many forms.

Though, this dish is known as a famed Indian cuisine to the world, Biryani from Chicken Biryani Restaurant in Panchkula means something very extraordinary to the food lovers. Traditional Indian Biryani has a number of variants like Sindhi Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani etc.

which obviously presents the dissimilar preparation for diverse states of India. But Biryani has typically two variations, Kachhi Biryani and Chicken Biryani. Kachhi Biryani is cooked with mutton (and hardly ever with beef) whilst Chicken Biryani has chicken as its meat constituent.

In the Indian preparation, the long grain Basmati rice is used for Biryani. But most recipes of Biryani make use of the Bangladeshi ‘Kali-Jira’ rice, very fine polao rice which is produced only in the northern districts like Dinajpur.

Biryani is derivative from a Persian word ‘beryan’ which means ‘fried’ or baked. It is believed that Biryani was brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Muslim travelers and merchants from Arab. However, there is one more saying concerning the origin of Biryani.

In the war time during the Mughal period, the soldiers were provided one item meal. Rice and meat were cooked together and served. Later, such recipe was introduced more formerly in the royal dining and finally become vastly well-liked throughout the rice-eater society in Indian subcontinent.

There are many fast food restaurants through the city these days and the number is just growing up.  Even worldwide fast food chains like KFC and Pizza Hut has many outlets at diverse city points. Despite the supremacy of fast food, particularly with the young cohort, Biryani still has its very extraordinary place in the heart of the citizens.

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