Shhhh, Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Indian Restaurant?

Best Restaurant for Tandoori Chicken in Panchkula

Indian food is known for its variety of traditional spices, wealthy herbs and sassy sauces. With the advancing times and globalization, Indian food is becoming well-known all over the world. And hence for our worldwide fans, we have come up with this list of Indian restaurants in Panchkula city. Panchkula is known for its multicultural heritage and here we bring to you the best cooking offerings of the city.


It is one of the Best Restaurant for Tandoori Chicken in Panchkula city with the down-lights, tablecloths and recognizable classics. It offers genuine Indian and Nepalese cuisine including the tasty Indian curry and mouth-watering tandoori chicken and hence is a perfect place for the special functions, business and business meetings, cocktail parties or a refreshing and romantic quiet dinner. It is the ideal location in the heart of Panchkula city and a professional and responsive staff adds to its appeal and makes it one of the topmost recommendations of our list.


It provides one of Panchkula’s premium Indian dining experiences. Lip-smacking tasty Indian cuisine is served in a homey dining room with simple and sober interiors and downlights. The picturesque ideal location on Collins Street in the Bank Place along with a widespread menu having all the conventional Indian dishes along with an alien wine collection and a friendly and friendly staff adds to the attraction of this place. The tandoori meat platter including speech kebabs and tandoori chicken, and the spicy daal tadka all along with the roomali roti will absolutely convey you to your native place in India.

That is a wrap for now. But please keep in mind, that list is in no particular order. We have simply handpicked the best Indian restaurants in Panchkula city. We hope you enjoyed reading this and it helped you guys figure out a few more eating spots and restaurants in Panchkula. Make sure to rate and comment, and we assure to keep you guys updated with more such stuff based on the precious input of our readers. Till then stay tuned to key things for more fun and keep exploring more restaurants and eating joints all around.

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