Best Amritsari Fish in Panchkula

Best Amritsari Fish in Panchkula

What you see

Right along the muddled connection is The Pallavi hotel. The huge lobby leads to a passageway to the restaurant – Oscar. The door resembles that of a splendid chamber.

Inside is the small bistro which has a Mughlai feel to it. The walls have images of Panchkula as it was in the earlier years. You are greeted with pictures of the Victoria Terminus, The Gateway of India, and the Municipal Corporation Building.

There is a deep intellect of nostalgia attached to it. It is actually like a slice of Panchkula in tricity. The exclusivity of cuisine here lies in its adaptation to tastes of the local people. The place, so, mainly serves Mughlai cuisine with particular dishes. 


What you get 

The restaurant has a very detailed wine list. In fact, even water is served in long stemmed wine glasses. On the menu are a delicious choice of Kebabs from Shikampur to Sheek and a very good assortment of Tandoori seafood thrown in. Even the roasted Papads are very tasty and delicious.

In the vegetarian starters there is a unique choice of Chaat dishes such as Ragda Patties (an ode to the iconic Chowpatty Chaat) to select from along with other popular ones like Best Amritsari Fish in Panchkula, etc. The platter is the most excellent choice if you want to relish the taste of all that is on offer.

Coming to the main course there is a very wide variety of Biryanis. The traditional Biryani is prepared in three diverse styles! Must-try is the fragrant Nizami Prawn Biryani. Then there is the traditional Mughlai fare which includes Murgh Makkhanwala, Kadhai Murgh and seafood like Fish Amritsari with cream.


Our verdict 

For a unique understanding as far as the Biryani is concerned go to Oscar (sounds paradoxical but its factual). The seafood is certainly one of the best in the city and the service is quite better.

The restaurant staff is very polite and makes efforts to make the guest feel at ease. For a good experience try the white wines with white meats and the red wine with the red meats.

The ambiance complements the food very well with light music playing in the background. Valet parking is obtainable. The place is at present open only for dinner and in the day is obtainable for large or party bookings with special packages on offer.


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